Time for Lyme

Participation in European Union policy


Time for Lyme participates in the European Union's debates and public consultations.

We are in the EU Transparency Register no. 109714539308-52.


Frédérique Ries, as rapporteur, mentions our group on November 15, 2018 in Strasbourg, during the debate on the European Parliament resolution of 15 November 2018 on Lyme disease (borreliosis) 2018/2774(RSP).

Download the European Parliament resolution of 15 November 2018 on Lyme disease (borreliosis) 2018/2774(RSP) PDF.


In february 2022, Member of European Parliament Frédérique Ries and Time for Lyme ASBL have jointly drawn 2 texts written questions to the European Commission.

Written question 1: Methods to diagnose Lyme disease (borreliosis) earlier and more effectively
Question PDF
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Answer PDF

Written question 2: Compliance by Member States with the obligation to report cases of Lyme disease (borreliosis)
Question PDF
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Answer PDF

In these 2 texts, we ask :

 1  new blood tests, in order to improve their reliability, at the beginning and at the end of the infection
 2  follow-up of a group of patients to determine the useful duration of treatment, based on blood tests (even experimental) showing the end of an infection (such as the phage-based test)
 3  to encourage the use of products based on plant extracts as an alternative to antimicrobials
 4  information if Member States report cases of infected persons
 5  which Member States have contacted the European institutions for logistical support aimed at information and awareness-raising campaigns
 6  information on new methods implemented in recent years to detect, diagnose and treat the different forms of Lyme

The answers are a basis for further dialogue with the European institutions



Time for Lyme EU contributions :

14/12/2022 DG Health / DG Research Survey Horizon Europe – interim evaluation / Horizon 2020 programme - Final Evaluation
2/9/2022 DG Health Feedback Blood, tissues and cells for medical treatments & therapies – revised EU rules
2/7/2022 DG Health / DG Research Feedback Interim evaluation of Horizon Europe
2/7/2022 DG Health / DG Research Feedback Horizon 2020 programme - Final Evaluation
13/6/2022 DG Health Survey Stakeholders' Targeted Consultation on EU4Health priorities, strategic orientations and needs
3/6/2022 DG Health Survey Public Consultation on 3rd health programme (2014-2020) - final evaluation
17/5/2022 International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies Webinar PID Forum: Anti-Microbial Resistance and the PID Perspective
5/5/2022 DG Research Feedback A New European Innovation Agenda
14/3/2022 DG Health Feedback Antimicrobial resistance - recommendation for greater action
18/11/2021 ESCAIDE / ECDC Webinar European Antibiotic Awareness Day 2021
25/10/2021 DG Health Survey Open Public Consultation on the revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation
7/10/2021 EUPHA / UK Public Health Webinar Public Health, Climate Change and Strategic Litigation
28/9/2021 WHO Survey Health impact assessment (HIA) and health assessment (HA) in environmental assessments - Status review 2021
10/9/2021 DG Health / EU4Health Webinar&Intervention EU4Health Work Programme 2022: targeted stakeholder consultation outcome
8/6/2021 DG Health EU Health Policy Platform Webinar Public hearing on the opinion on mental health of health workforce and other essential workers
25/4/2021 DG Health Feedback Evaluation and revision of the general pharmaceutical legislation
4/4/2021 European HEpRA Survey European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority Public Consultation
25/2/2021 University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-Centred Care Webinar&Intervention A European standard for patient participation in person-centred care
24/1/2021 DG Health Survey Online Public Consultation on the Revision of the EU Legislation on Blood, Tissues and Cells
20/10/2020 DG Health / EXPH Webinar&Comments The organisation of resilient health and social care following the COVID-19 pandemic
15/10/2020 EUPHA_CHR / IBTN / WHO Webinar Chronicdiseases Behavioural insights and public health
23/8/2020 DG Health / EMA / HMA Survey Public consultation on European Medicines Agencies Network Strategy to 2025


EU policy contact John Vandeput