Time for Lyme

Presentation of the association

Time for Lyme ASBL is a Belgian association whose main mission is to raise public awareness of Lyme disease.

Time for Lyme ASBL has been involved for several years now in the mission of raising awareness among the widest public about Lyme disease, an infectious bacterial disease, the consequence of an infected tick bite.

Time for Lyme ASBL carries out many ambitious projects, to always inform - raise awareness - prevent.

Among its missions and actions :

  • Participate in fairs, exhibitions, events to meet all audiences;

  • Organize conferences with internationally renowned specialists;

  • Conduct prevention campaigns with targeted groups (children, athletes, hikers, foresters, farmers, etc.);

  • Organize Talk and Action Groups to give patients and their families the opportunity to exchange;

  • Meet public or private, national, European or international entities with health or social concerns.

And also ...

Propose to the municipalities of Wallonia and Brussels the installation of information boards for the general public about the importance of protecting themselves against tick bites. This awareness-raising action has been a huge success.