Time for Lyme

5 suggestions for policy by the European Commissioner DG Health


European Parliament resolution of 15 November 2018 on Lyme disease (borreliosis) (2018/2774 (RSP)).


Time for Lyme suggests to start with these 5 objectives :

A Diagnose Lyme disease on the basis of a clinical questionnaire.
Because the existing blood tests are insufficiently reliable.
B Collecting information from patients via internet surveys.
For instance :
- lymeinfectionsfroides.weebly.com
- www.lymedisease.org
C Encourage current and future doctors to help designing a new framework for the treatment of the Lyme disease where innovation, research and a patient-oriented approach are the key elements.
D Support research into new treatments.
Specific research to determine the useful duration of treatment, based on blood tests (even experimental) showing the end of an infection.
E Promote drug research.
Specific research on plant extracts to replace antibiotics.